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Characters Of The Day: @LloydDavis, @JemimaG, @Dr_Black

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(L to R): @LloydDavis, unknown, @JemimaG, @Dr_Black


“When I saw a tweet from Chris Floyd asking for people on Twitter to turn up at his studio for a Telegraph photoshoot I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet up for the first time in real life with some of my Twitter friends.

I tweeted about it, inviting tweeters to join me. I wasn’t disappointed. 14 of us met up, got photographed, had a good chat, got photographed again, and then went to the pub for lunch.

There were no surprises, everyone was the same IRL as they were IVL. I love Twitter.”


“Though it was great fun to do, I actually remember this shoot more for a picture of a bunch of us up on the iron staircase in the yard outside the studio than for Chris’s official pictures. I was dumped a few weeks after the shoot and needed to replace the screensaver on my iPod touch which was a picture of the girl I’d been going out with and the cheeriest thing I could find was that picture of some of my twitter buddies all together and grinning at me in the sunshine.”


“I heard about the shoot from @Dr_Black and it seemed a great thing to do as my daughter was still not at school and any excuse to catch up with friends while child-minding is always a good thing! I remember us all sitting round in Chris’ yard, lolling on the sofas and having a good chat. Then, as @Dr_Black says, we all went and had a big slap-up lunch in the pub afterwards. I met some good people that day like @jackcabnory @paul_clarke and of course the fabulous @baskers.”


Written by Chris Floyd

November 16, 2011 at 9:49 am

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  1. I remember this day well. It’s the day I meet like minded people and people who weren’t as like minded as me but where lovely, fascinating, interesting and inspiring. I love that I now count these people as friends.

    I love Twitter.

    I love the friends it has given me.


    November 17, 2011 at 12:21 am

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