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Characters Of The Day: @Christian_Ace, @BlinkLondon

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(L to R): @Christian_Ace, @BlinkLondon

@BlinkLondon on @ Christian_Ace

“My brother Christian told me about the 140 Characters project and asked me to come along to be photographed with him. Chris, aka Christian_Ace on Twitter, is one of my two big brothers. He takes the role very seriously. He’s not known for being overly cheerful, but his closest friends do know that he’s actually hilarious and that hard exterior hides and very soft centre. He’s protective of me in quite an old fashioned way.  I blame him for my being single as he does tend to frighten potential suitors off (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

He isn’t patient and is easily exasperated, so don’t ask him too may questions. Oh, and don’t even think about asking him to play any games as he’s far too competitive for it to be fun for anyone else. He’s eternally sociable and if he isn’t at home watching Saturday Kitchen or anything with David Attenborough in, he’ll be at the pub with a pint in hand, surrounded by a crowd of his many friends and admirers.

Chris is brilliantly creative and borderline obsessive about fonts, leading and kerning. He’s also very particular about the English language and it’s correct use, spelling and punctuation, which is quite a contradiction to his tendency to make up his own words and phrases. He’s a genius with 140 characters and manages to squeeze many pearls of wisdom, damning critiques and short, sharp quips into his tweets.

I was so pleased to have Chris Floyd take my picture with my brother. I was actually physically quaking as we entered the studio, so to have my protective, caring and encouraging big brother by my side was such a support. I’m so happy that we did this. It’s been amazing to be part of this genius project and also to have a photo to give all the family for birthdays and Christmases for the next while.”


@Christian_Ace on @BlinkLondon

“Lucy is my little sister and she fills that role perfectly. We didn’t get along for years (as I thought she was a pain) but with age that has thankfully gone and we are now good friends. She acts like an older sister to me sometimes but she means well, although I do find it quite annoying. I suppose I try and fill the Father role for her (which REALLY annoys her) and I can be quite protective, but you would be with a very pretty girl around some of my friends.

I’m not on Facebook so we now use Twitter as another way to communicate with each other and all I do is try and make her laugh if I know she’s a bit down. Lucy or @BlinkLondon, has a lot more followers than me but then again she doesn’t talk about #football or #Masterchef and isn’t as sweary.

I’m very proud of what Lucy has done with her business @BlinkLondon. It must have been very difficult for her in the beginning, working from home just with her cat Bobby for company, when she has worked in big fashion companies for most of her career. I think she’s doing brilliantly and she’s making a great success of it. Her dress sense is impeccable and I sometimes feel like a bit of a tramp around her, but my daughter loves the fact that her Aunty works in fashion and it costs me a fortune whenever they go out shopping together.

I thought it would be a nice idea doing the 140 Characters project with her as neither of us has done anything like this before, and I wouldn’t have wanted to get my picture taken with anyone else.

Lucy is my little sister, I love her dearly and I wouldn’t change that for the world.”



Written by Chris Floyd

November 11, 2011 at 2:58 pm

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