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Characters Of The Day: @foto8, @jonathan_worth, @heymikij, @wayneford, @martinbrent

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(L to R): @foto8, @jonathan_worth, @heymikij, @wayneford, @martinbrent


“Twitter = the people I wish I’d gone to school with.”


“When I was in London last summer, I met up with Jonathan Worth — our first face-to-face meeting in several years of corresponding online, often on Twitter. He was heading to Chris’ studio for his 140 Characters shoot and asked if I’d like to join him. The truth is, I didn’t know Chris at the time and he didn’t know me, so I felt a little like an imposter, but after seeing the images, I decided it was at least nice for them to have a woman in the mix for visual balance .”


“Twitter was the buzzword of the moment when I opened an account in late 2009, but I had   not created a profile to actively use the social media site. Having opened a Facebook account, and swiftly closed it, I was confident that social media wasn’t for me. No, I had joined Twitter purely as research when engaged in the redesign of a marketing magazine.

As I sat in on editorial discussions and planning meetings for the upcoming relaunch, every conversation appeared to begin ‘Twitter this…’  or ‘Twitter that…’ (obvioulsy that wasn’t the case, but it felt like it at times). So my intention was clear, I’d follow the journalist’s working on the magazine, and a random selection of high profile industry insiders that they where in turn following, along with a few advertising and design industry creatives who I knew by reputation purely for my research, and once the redesign was completed, and I had moved on to my next design project, I’d close down my Twitter account, or as many do simply allow it to fall dormant.

Following the magazines journalists and others on Twitter helped inform my understanding of the world of marketing in its many and varied forms. But at the same time, the banality of so many tweets simply reinforce my opinion that Twitter, like other social media, was not for me.”

So what changed?

After many months of passively engagement with Twitter, and at the point where my account was set to be closed, I began to find and encounter people who I knew — photographers, designers, illustrators, editors and writers — and to watch how they where sharing interesting links and engaging in short, but interesting conversation and debate. And this began to fascinate me, I began to see a benefit that I never encountered in Facebook, and this marked my point of true engagement.

Here in Twitter I had found a powerful tool that allowed me to enter into realtime conversation and debate, to ask questions of a global creative community, to share links and content of mutual interest, to find people with which to collaborate on creative projects, it even proved highly successful in the recruitment of design staff. And through shared interests and passions I came into contact with people whom I may not have encountered in any other way, if it where not for Twitter. People who I really wish I could meet in person, and who with those I already know have enriched my life.”


“I must admit when Chris initially asked if I would pose for him my first thought was to make my excuses, being on the wrong side of the camera genuinely doesn’t appeal being a photographer however social media never did either yet there I was fully immersed in Twitter Land.

So here I am one of the 140 characters, actually if you look closely you will spot me in two of the images so maybe i’m a visual representation of Twit longer!

My Twitter experience has been good, for one, you’re reading this so now you know I exist.  I’ve met some really interesting folk as a direct result and made some good personal friends.

Most of all it’s taught me to stick to the point. 140 characters isn’t a lot so you think hard before letting your tweet go. Ok you don’t always get it right but equally no one castigates and burns you when you do.”


Written by Chris Floyd

November 3, 2011 at 8:15 am

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  1. Great work, love the idea and the name of the project following the 140 characters of Twitter !
    Congrats !!!



    November 4, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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