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Character Of The Day: @jeremydrysdale

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“My name is Jeremy and I am a writer.

At various stages in the past I have been Jeremy the Advertising Guy, Jeremy the Bloke Who Works as an Odd-Job Man in a Greek Brothel or Jeremy the Wanker Who Takes Forever to Call Out Your Name When You’re Waiting to Bowl.

I am not defined by my job, which is handy as I’ve had some awful ones in the past and may well do again in the future.

So, I’m Just Jeremy, really. Jeremy who writes films and has a criminal record. Jeremy who loves his son and doesn’t like the Beatles. Jeremy who has a fingernail fetish and is enjoying writing about himself in the certain knowledge that you’ll read the words.

This is an odd thing; this exposure to strangers. Projecting an image through word and picture that accommodates ego and doesn’t offend vanity. Looking a bit like a potato I did my best to appear ‘interesting’ – or at least ‘edgy’ – on the day and now I’m talking about me and unsuccessfully attempting not to appear narcissistic.

I’m generous to a fault and yet mean-spirited and cynical. I’m easily bored, hard to please and susceptible to temptation. I’m very strong, extremely weak and disappointingly shallow. Everything is truth, lies and contradiction, framed by perspective. The photograph is only an accurate representation of its precise moment of being and the words are honest and yet completely erroneous, depending upon context.

Whereas the pictures will be forever useful as reference of a time when I thought I was interesting or edgy and looked like a potato, this is just a collection of words written by me, about me, designed to frame an illusion which may or may not be accurate.

But then I am a writer, after all.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 28, 2011 at 8:34 am

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