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Characters Of The Day: @martindeeson, @richardpbacon

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(L to R): @martindeeson, @richardpbacon


“I’ve worked with Chris Floyd since 1994, when he looked like someone out of Blur. We were both very young then and quite badly behaved. Although more usually I was quite badly behaved and he was quite disapproving. He bailed me out of jail once, and another time he stopped me re-opening some old wounds with Germany. Then, as happens, babies were born, careers diverged (well, his took off) and there came a time when we only used to see each other twice a year. And then Jack Dorsey invented Twitter.

We still only see each other twice a year but at least now I know what he’s thinking as he eats his breakfast and finds himself shouting at the Daily Mail.

Apart from listening to my old friend Chris, I like that late at night Twitter is like trying to sleep in a huge dormitory full of funny people. The other side is like having a spray can in my back pocket. Whenever a thought crosses my mind I just take out my spray can and scrawl 140 characters across the internet.

I like that Twitter makes shy people funny. I know some people who struggle to be heard around big gobbed idiots like me in ‘the real world’ but on Twitter we all have the same volume. I like that Twitter is like a diary. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but Twitter can (as long as I remembered to be really boring and tweet what I had for breakfast).

I brought Richard Bacon with me to the shoot because I hoped to hijack his celebrity and ride his coat tails all the way onto the pages of the nationals.

And because he has one a half million followers. It didn’t work. I should have realised:

On Twitter, everyone can be famous for 140 characters.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

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