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Character Of The Day: @wadeywade

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“I didn’t think I’d like Twitter. When I signed up it all seemed a bit “I’m having a sandwich for lunch” and people tweeting about the weather or their journey to and from work.  I was like “thanks for the overshare, but I have windows and the flavour of my crisps is none of your concern”. Then something clicked when I thought I’d dive in and get involved a bit more. Soon I was engaged in chats about Demis Roussous’ disco career, having my brain fried by forgotten rave classics, having debates about how inappropriate it was to fancy soap characters and what biscuits a particular pop star enjoyed.

It dawned on me that I was in a virtual cafe full of like-minded souls, and some genuinely lovely people. I’ve literally LOL’ed at the late night musings of @rhodri, mod watched with @robinturner, cock watched with @thomasblythe, discussed cakes with @Tracey_thorn, flirted with @TheHollyJohnson, played numerous hashtag games, cackled at some of the exchanges between Twitter’s superstars such as @caitlinmoran, @alexispetridis and @gracedent, exchanged music with @martincarr, been sent nefarious looking links from Russian websites to unreleased albums, and found support in awkward moments by a host of other nice tweeters. I’ve also met some nice people in the real world as a result of talking crap, and been a bit “Oh really? Blimey” when a complete stranger tells me my feed makes them laugh.

The key watershed moment for me was the night Michael Jackson died, and suddenly it seemed everyone was WTF-ing and remembering how amazing he was until the early hours. Since then it’s been a great forum for reaction, mildly comic debate and rallying round the various issues of the day. I’ve quoted an early Human League lyric and someone will tweet back the next line. I’ve asked about what a book of the week was on Radio 4 and suddenly there’s eight replies from complete strangers. Even where the best record shops are in a strange town or country, and someone will advise. It’s great.

There are times when it gets on my nerves, when the limitations of 140 characters doesn’t really help when you have a point to get across, and you think “sod this, I’m outta here. It’s like being back at school”, and then the next day someone will post a link to something life-changing or a ROFL-heavy twitpic and then I wonder what all the palaver was about.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 24, 2011 at 7:45 am

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