One Hundred & Forty Characters

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Characters Of The Day: @TheAzzo & @GirlImperfectly

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@TheAzzo (L) @GirlImperfectly (R)


 “Considering my friends would name me “the person most likely to pose in front of a camera” I was surprised at how much of a rabbit-in-headlights I felt once I’d stepped into Chris’ studio. It was just as well I’d arranged to do the shoot with the wonderful @girlimperfectly.  We shuffled anxiously on our feet for a while before breaking out into an America’s Next Top Model pose-off (Tyra would NOT have been handing us our photos that day).

I’m not at my best at stupid-o’clock AM, and not even a strong coffee could perk me up enough to break out my well-known POUTFACE™. I think I come across considerably shy in the pictures and I’m amazed by how statuesque my 5’4” seems. It’s actually really nice to see me without that posing face on.

Twitter has been part of my life since February 2009 and it never ceases to amaze me how many fantastic people there are out there. Those who don’t know Twitter would never believe the power of so many short messages. I’ve seen people fall in love and fall apart, news stories break that have changed the world, people come together for great causes and on a daily basis I find myself smiling at the screen, guffawing with laughter.

When I look at the 140 characters, looking at me, all monochrome-like, I’m fascinated by the range of people. Some are friends; some are my heroes; some I don’t know; some I’ve met since. I expect as time goes on I will meet or speak to more of them and many more people who make my Twitter timeline the place I want to be everyday.

I’m truly honoured to have been part of such a great project.”


“Although it took me an age to write this, I’m glad I got the opportunity as I feel my photo for this project needs some explanation.

I’m not showing off my tummy, promise – it’s hardly something to show off.

I was showing Chris and TheAzzo my scoliosis. I have an S shaped curve in the spine that is 47 degrees at the bottom and 29 degrees at the top.  I was trying to show them how bent I am and that brought about the tummy flash pose.

I wasn’t 100% comfortable with having my belly out but I think that as I have the gorgeous Azzo with me to balance it out, and when also displayed with all the other characters, it has context. It also makes me think about home for some reason. I have no idea why but I like that.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 13, 2011 at 10:16 am

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