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Character Of The Day: @larapattison

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“This photo is a good example of my tendency to over-think things. The shirt was my Mum’s eighteenth birthday present, a frilly piece of history I don’t usually wear because it fell apart when I borrowed it; I thought I’d capture it here for future Pattisons. The vest is hiding all the holes; it rides up, but I can’t throw it away because I bought it in Mumbai for auditions and it does good things to the body parts casting directors notice. I put my running-and-jam-making top on underneath to cover the bare bits. I never wear rings – I have a phobia of jewellery – but I was sure everyone else on the shoot was going to be super-cool and wanted to fit in.

On Twitter I try not to worry about fitting in. People who are interested make themselves known, and people who aren’t, I never meet. Being unfollowed takes a lot of getting used to; it’s human nature to want to be popular, and it’s easy to question that joke about Tupperware, or the scotch egg comment, but being yourself gets you the friends you deserve. I play bass in The Blazing Zoos have been to countless excellent comedy and science gigs, have three carrier bags full of apples in my kitchen and 140 characters framed on my wall, because I’m following generous, interesting people who take me for what I am. The longer you use Twitter the more you realise it’s not a means to an end, it’s a gateway to people you would never otherwise meet.

The morning of the shoot I lay in bed as usual, warming up to the real world by seeing what Twitter was doing; @GarethAveyard had taken a photo from a coach heading to London. Two hours later I was sat next to him, and @Klutchenko and @mattleys. They weren’t super-cool; they were just cool. If I’d know that I would have worn the jam-making top and a pair of jeans. Then again, me awkwardly enjoying myself is very ‘me’, and Chris has caught that spot on.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 12, 2011 at 7:42 pm

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