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“Born in 1975, Greg Stekelman is a critically-acclaimed writer, actor, musician, athlete, scientist and humanitarian.

In 2002 Stekelman invented “Betcha!” a board game that allowed dyslexic children to quickly develop university-level numeracy and literary skills. Its global popularity led to Stekelman becoming a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

A prodigiously talented football player, in 2004 he signed for Tottenham Hotspur FC. Playing on his own up front, he scored 97 goals – a British record, propelling Spurs to a league and cup double. The following season brought even greater success, as he captained Tottenham to a memorable 7-0 Champions League Final victory over Barcelona before helping England to win the 2006 World Cup, famously scoring 9 goals in the 10-1 victory over Germany.

In 2006 he wrote his first novel, “A Year in the Life of TheManWhoFellAsleep”. Both a critical and commercial success, it single-handedly revived the British publishing industry and pre-empted the development of e-books.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, in 2007 he released his debut album, Spheres and Squares, a collaboration with Brian Eno in which the two musicians “explored the space between spaces”. The album was a massive worldwide hit, staying at No.1 in the Billboard US charts for nearly 3 years. Keen to develop new musical styles, Stekelman is currently working on a series of “urban madrigals” with Tinie Tempah and Nicki Minaj.

In 2008, he released his first film as writer/director. “Core” was a Bergmanesque thriller set upon a derelict nuclear submarine moored off the coast of Norway. Starring Stekelman himself, Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, Dame Judi Dench and Julianne Moore, it swept the board at the Academy Awards, with Stekelman winning Oscars for Best Director, Best Writer and Best Actor. Critics lauded Stekelman’s performance, with Roger Ebert stating that his performance as Admiral Billy Quarter was “perhaps the most subtle, multi-layered and nuanced piece of acting that cinema has ever witnessed.”

In 2009 he invented the Rubicon Cube, a revolutionary device that transforms tiny amounts of sea water into large quantities of clean, affordable energy. Lauded as perhaps the most significant scientific development since the wheel, it is believed that the Rubicon Cube will offer the entire population of the world access to a limitless supply of environmentally-friendly, sustainable energy. Current predictions estimate that by 2013 global poverty will be totally eliminated.

In 2010 Stekelman set up The Aquarius Trust, a charitable organisation aimed at bringing together the people of the world through dialogue, openness and consensual sexual contact. It is believed that he has invested nearly $50 billion of his own personal fortune into the Trust.

Stekelman is married to the actress Scarlett Johansson and lives in New York.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 7, 2011 at 9:35 am

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