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Character Of The Day: @serafinowicz

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“Some people dismiss Twitter as silly. And there is a lot of silly on Twitter. Even its name is silly. After three years of using it I still cringe slightly when I say ‘Twitter’. Why can’t it have a proper, grown-up name, like Google or NASDAQ?

Twitter is something different to everyone who uses it. So it’s impossible to define in any meaningful sense. You have to ‘do’ it to discover what it is, for you.

For me, it’s lots of things: it’s how I keep in touch with people, where I see big news stories break, where I read clip-by-clip transcripts of You’ve Been Framed (@youvebinframed). A thousand more things. But mainly I use it as a public joke-pad that gives the nonsense that would normally clog my head a home I never could have predicted. My joke book is being published next year and I’m delighted.

Silly has been a success for me on Twitter. People love silly. Just because silly is silly it doesn’t mean it can’t be worthwhile, or enrich our lives. Do you think being silly is unimportant? Don’t be silly.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 4, 2011 at 8:57 am

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