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Character Of The Day: @mostly_grumpy

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“I’ve peeled diced and manually manoeuvred 10 tonnes of turnip everyday for 52 hours a week for £200 and I’ve been an international banker for 20 years travelling the World looking after the rich and famous.

Unfuckingfortunately I did these things in the reverse order to their billing above.

I enjoyed the turnip job more and lost 3 stone in 3 months doing it. This happened shortly after the photo was taken.

I’m not moving root vegetables anymore for a living. I miss it. I don’t miss being a banker. Make of that what you will.

I’m 40 in November and so I think naturally you look back at what sort of a life you’ve led. I did this sitting in a car thinking dark thoughts and contemplating putting an end to it all.  I’d like to tell you about the miracle that stopped me but there wasn’t one. Just cowardice.

I have 3 wonderful children that I don’t see as often as I’d like, but their mum is bringing them up so well. I hope they grow up to be more like her than me.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for me though. I don’t deserve that. I’ve been a selfish prick over many years and everything I’ve lost has been my fault. No one else to blame I’m afraid. I hope I have enough time to balance the books a little at least.

I’m alone at the moment because I had the chance to be with someone but hesitated. I wouldn’t ever hesitate again.

I just want a quiet life now, the chance to make sure my kids and their mum are ok, even though I don’t live with them. Maybe the chance to be with someone and do things right for once, fuck knows I’ve made all of the necessary mistakes to learn from. I’d like a cat called Mozart and a dog called Blu.

Twitter is an extraordinary conversation of inner thoughts. It’s responsible for lots of laughter, tears, arguments and love. It’s so much more than someone like me saying mildly amusing things about the telly and using the C word.

It’s a confessional, a Samaritan, a water cooler and a soap box all rolled into one. If you don’t get it that’s fine, but if you do then you’ll understand that each of the photographs have stories behind them and that’s something to think about.

Keep well.”


Written by Chris Floyd

October 3, 2011 at 9:33 am

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